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San Francisco 49ers Bottle Opener Sign Game

$70 CAD
San Francisco 49ers Bottle Opener Sign Game FOCO -

Product Description

There's nothing better than relaxing in the fancave, enjoying a cold beverage, and watching the game. Nothing, of course, except doing all of that while opening your cold beverage with this San Francisco 49ers Bottle Opener Sign Game. Pop the cap, watch it fall, track your score, and be a winner when your friends come over for the game.



  • Metal bottle opener so you can enjoy a tasty beverage during the game
  • Various pegs will catch bottle caps and bounce them randomly to the bottom
  • Pegs behind plastic cover
  • Compartments with various scores for bottle caps to fall into so you can play your own game while you watch the game
  • Printed background with team logos and colors on display, meaning it will look perfect in your fancave


  • Officially licensed
  • Imported

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