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Batman™ Justice League™ DC Bobblehead

$56 CAD
Batman™ Justice League™ DC Bobblehead FOCO -
Batman™ Justice League™ DC Bobblehead FOCO -
Batman™ Justice League™ DC Bobblehead FOCO -

Product Description

A sad fact of life is you may never become a billionaire playboy vigilante who saves the city from evildoers. But this bobble featuring Batman from Justice League will make you feel like one. 



  • Portrays Batman posing on a roof holding the Batarang, ready to take on Gotham's evildoers
  • Justice League logo on display, because he's always representing his team
  • Stone textured base
  • Front name display so everyone knows who the newest addition to your collection is
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand painted


  • Height: Approximately 8 in.


  • Not a toy
  • Officially licensed
  • Imported

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