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5.5" Swimming Trunks

Cowabunga, dude! Surf's up here at FOCO's 5.5" Swimming Trunks shop! Dive into the deep end of team spirit with these officially licensed 5.5" Swimming Trunks and rep your team in style! Shop our wide selection of MLB 5.5" Swimming Trunks, MLB Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, MLB 5.5" Swim Trunks, MLB 5.5" Trunks, MLB 5.5" Bathing Suits, NFL 5.5" Swimming Trunks, NFL Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, NFL 5.5" Swim Trunks, NFL 5.5" Trunks, MLB 5.5" Bathing Suits, NBA 5.5" Swimming Trunks, NBA Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, NBA 5.5" Swim Trunks, NBA 5.5" Trunks, NBA 5.5" Bathing Suits, NHL 5.5" Swimming Trunks, NHL Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, NHL 5.5" Swim Trunks, NHL 5.5" Trunks, NHL 5.5" Bathing Suits, MLS 5.5" Swimming Trunks, MLS Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, MLS 5.5" Swim Trunks, MLS 5.5" Trunks, MLS 5.5" Bathing Suits, WNBA 5.5" Swimming Trunks, WNBA Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, WNBA 5.5" Swim Trunks, WNBA 5.5" Trunks, WNBA 5.5" Bathing Suits, Premier League 5.5" Swimming Trunks, Premier League Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, Premier League 5.5" Swim Trunks, Premier League 5.5" Trunks, Premier League 5.5" Bathing Suits, College 5.5" Swimming Trunks, College Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, College 5.5" Swim Trunks, College 5.5" Trunks, College 5.5" Bathing Suits, National Team 5.5" Swimming Trunks, National Team Men's 5.5" Swimming Trunks, National Team 5.5" Swim Trunks, National Team 5.5" Trunks, National Team 5.5" Bathing Suits, and more! These swimming trunks feature a 5.5-inch inseam which will let you show off your epic team spirit and your equally epic quads that you've been working on at the gym! Get ready to show off your sizzlin' team spirit all summer long whether you're headed to the beach for a day of fun in the sun, lounging by the pool and getting your tan on, grilling some burgers and hot dogs at the family barbecue, or even when you're heading to the stadium to cheer your favorite team on to victory! Looking for something special for the fan in your life? These amazing swimming trunks make great gifts for any birthday, holiday, or special occasion! Make sure to make a splash with your style!